Rosli and his Endorsements: featuring on B3 tonight!

Rosli Mansor, Laney, Ian Wright, Suria

(L to R: Othman Bohari of Mediacorp, Rosli & Ian Wright, Laney’s International Sales Manager)

The recent frenzy has left us scrambling for air, but in a good way! It’s our way of trying to show our appreciation towards your support of Rosli all these while.

Now what do we have here? We’ve a big performance at Esplanade coming 29th June, a Yamaha + Laney demo this coming Saturday, and now we’ve a television feature!

You may remember that Rosli had previously appeared on a Suria current affairs program B3 in 2010, a program that highlights individuals who dare to be different in their career.

Tonight Rosli will appear over our television airwaves in the same program, but this time it focuses on his endorsement with Yamaha and Pedaltrain as well as being the first Singaporean to be endorsed by Laney and Providence. There will also be an interview with Ian Wright, International Sales Manager with Laney, as well as peeks to the upcoming Esplanade performance.

What makes this program cooler? Despite the language, you can be sure to understand what’s going on with the English subtitles. Also not to fret if you really can’t catch it tonight, there will be a repeat telecast on Sunday, 10 Jun, at 11PM.

Don’t forget to catch the program tonight, 10:30PM on Suria channel!


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