Berita Harian Covers Rosli and What The Moon Said

Rosli Mansor, What The Moon Said, Berita Harian

Some of us woke up one morning and went “Whoa!” when we saw a big article in Berita Harian on Rosli Mansor.

Berita Harian is Singapore”s Malay language newspaper and this marks the second time Rosli was interviewed by the paper. Unfortunately, we can’t get the whole article translated from Malay to English.

Nonetheless, the article had Rosli talking about the fast-moving nature of commercial music and the never-ending quest for new faces. While many artists doing commercial music have to constantly meet the demands of the audiences, Rosli prefers the path he is on now that allows him creative freedom and slightly longer longevity in this industry.

Go read the article if you still have a copy of 10 June 2012’s Berita Harian (good for you if you can read Malay). For the rest of us, this little bit of info will suffice for now. If any kind soul out there wants to help us translate the article into English, drop us an email or leave a comment here.


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