Finally! Images from Rosli’s Mosaic Music Festival performance

Albeit late (okay, albeit may be an understatement) but better than never! Day after Rosli’s debut performance at Mosaic Music Festival 2014, the pictures went up. On Facebook (ok, my bad.) Ironically, it’s his debut performance at Mosaic’s last run after 10 years. But still it was a great turnout that night, and the night couldn’t be fantastic without the support of the wonderful & supportive crowd.

If you guys were there that night, you guys rock! And it’s not too late to salivate over the media goodies, still and video (oh yes, there are videos coming right up!) So let’s tickle ye tastebuds! (You can view more on Facebook too by clicking on the link above.)



Recognise this hot stuff?



It’s all about getting into the mood…

“Thank you so much for the support!” – RM

The face to the shadow dance! If you’ve been to Rosli’s sold-out concert at Esplanade in 2012, she is the dance-tastic and sexy silhouette dancer in the song “Rachel’s Dance”. Meet the lovely Joyce and here’s the video of Joyce’s lovely dance during the song. 

Sorry that there aren’t many performance pictures, simply because we want to bring  you guys the ‘live’ performance through videos. The videos are coming just right up so stay tuned (like, real soon!)


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