RM Is Now A Swee Lee Artiste

Swee Lee Artiste Rosli Mansor

This is such an exciting news that’s way to0 rad not to be shared!

Rosli Mansor is now a Swee Lee Artiste!

Swee Lee is one of Singapore’s prominent, long-established and to-go music stores. The company’s flagship outlet is located at Bras Brasah, 2 contemporary and stylish outlets at Star Vista, Katong, a showroom at Sims Drive and another outlet at Peninsula Shopping Center. Besides an established local presence and a growing regional expansion, Swee Lee also now boasts of a music academy. Rosli is extremely honoured to have the opportunity to work with Swee Lee. To quote Rosli,

“The past has taught me significant lessons about life but it is the journey ahead together with Swee Lee and the Music Academy that I am most excited about and greatly looking forward to. Working with people who share a deep passion about music and who understand the intrinsic importance of it in both life and society truly makes all the difference.”

And there’s no better way to mark this collaboration than Rosli’s special performance at the upcoming Fender Custom Shop Roadshow on 24th June (Tue)!

Fans of Fender and Rosli, mark this date! For more details on the event, click here.


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