Running With “The Beast”


The Beast.

There’s no other apt name for this Collector’s Choice #8 1959 Les Paul that came to life, thanks to a collaboration between Gibson and British guitarist Bernie Marsden.

Rosli was so glued to this guitar that for 2 hours he couldn’t take his hands off it. As Rosli described it,

“The separation of the strings is perfect, making the tone neither muddy nor fuzzy-like. It has a very balanced weight and the beefy neck loves to scream whenever I dig into the frets. I was relishing so much the guitar’s tone but it was plugging into the EVH amp that blew me away to a level higher than cloud nine. One word – JUICY!

“The Beast” truly lives up to its name with its delicious tone & playability.”

For a chance to run with this beast, make an appointment with Swee Lee’s B.A.O. (By Appointment Only) today.

(Song: “My Heart Has Spoken”, from Rosli’s album Deeper Than Purple)


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