A Dance With The White Lady

Elegant, sexy and bold.

It’s hard to fault if you’re thinking it’s the description of a lady. To be more specific, the description of a Gretsch White Falcon guitar.

Hearing this lady sing while holding in his hands, Rosli can’t help it but to say,

“The song and the feel of the guitar in my hands…then the tone and depth of reasonance puts me in such a mood that I wish I had it when recording ‘Venice’.

Like how I like to have a dance now. Anyone?”

Remember that romantic and dreamy love song ‘Venice – The Love Story‘ from Rosli’s album Deeper Than Purple?

Put your finger to the mouse button and click ‘Play’ to the latest video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.). Then close your eyes, relax and let Rosli and the Gretsch White Falcon’s alluring sweet tone transport you to one of the most romantic places on earth called Venice.

Or make a date with this white lady at B.A.O. today and let the guitar sweep you off your feet.


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