Blazing The Trail With Jackson Custom Shop Soloist Guitar

With a solid rock guitar that’s embellished with the striking and detailed graphics of Johnnie Grez, how can one not blaze the trail with it?

Especially so when you play the guitar along to the tunes of “Portrait Of Fading Faces”.

And did Rosli blaze the trail in all instrumental fury as he showcases Jackson Custom Shop Soloist Johnnie Grez Guitar in this latest video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.)

Asking Rosli his impression, he has nothing but praises for the guitar that reminds him so much of the rocking eighties.

“It’s my first time handling a Jackson guitar. And I find the neck to be slick and comfortable to hold, while boosting a stable floyd rose.

The headstock reminds me of the 80’s when rock was all the rage and dive-bombs. There’s no doubt that this is truly a rock guitar.”

He concluded,

“This guitar sings, screams and growls!”

Do you not agree?


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