Rukia! Revisited

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s doing well these few months! 

For many of us living on the sunny (and extremely humid these days) island called Singapore, there is much going on this year.

There is the soon-to-start SEA Games, and then there’s the huge all-year SG50 campaign by the government to celebrate our country’s 50 years of independence. And talking about celebration, Rosli will have some good news to share with everyone in due time.

So while we wait for that moment to arrive, let us revisit an old friend of Rosli’s that we’ve not seen for quite a while. For those of you who’ve been following him for a while, this person is no stranger to you. For others who just joined us, here’s a clue for you:

Meet Rukia.

Recently with Swee Lee Music, Rosli did a demo of 3 different Grestch White Falcon electric guitars, playing his popular and signature instrumental song “Rescuing Rukia”. Check out the embedded video below on how the song sounds when played on 3 different-yet-same guitars.

If you find the video too short to satisfy you aurally, you will want to check out this video:


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