Melayu SG and Rosli Mansor


There’s much to celebrate this August with Singapore celebrating its half-a-century-plus-one-year birthday and the nation’s very first and ecstatic win at the Rio Olympic Games.

Local television channel Suria wanted to produce a series that looks at the Malay community in Singapore and of their achievements and challenges in the past, present and future. And they approached Rosli to write music for the series.

His versatility in music is evident from his past works as a solo artist and composer for documentaries, short films and theatre plays. Without hesitation, Rosli dived into this project with pride as a Singaporean Malay and a local musician. What’s better than contributing his part to the nation via his musical sense and capabilities?

And working on this project left an indelible and deep mark on Rosli. He reflected,

“It explores how the Malay community went through the trials and hardships in the last 5 decades and how our success is made that much sweeter by holding fast to the values and principles that made our country successful – multi-racialism, meritocracy, self-reliance, mutual cooperation and the spirit of give and take.”

“Many Singaporeans have quietly put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes to build this great nation, so here’s to many more fantastic and progressive years ahead!”

We totally agree with Rosli how far the nation and the Malay community has come and bolstered by the win at the Rio Olympics, we’ve been given more than a sliver of hope and of the possibilities to come for every Singaporean regardless of race, language or religion.

Click on the image below to view the video. To catch the rest of the episodes, tune your telly to Suria channel every Thursday night.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 9.30.19 PM



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