Spend An Evening with Rosli Mansor

Now that Rosli is back, he is not only preparing for his second album but also preparing for his first performance in 2009.

This coming May at Esplanade Concourse, he will be performing songs from Dragged such as the crowd favourite ‘Resucing Rukia’, ‘Seeking Flaws’ and ‘Hear Me, River of Love’, to name a few, plus one song from his upcoming album.

“I am excited to be playing this May, and all the more so with my second album in the works and the launches of instrumental EPs by upcoming instrumentalists Brandon Gan and Shern Wong in May. The instrumental scene is heating up and I believe there will be more offerings to come in this genre from our local talents”, Rosli said.

Joining him for this performance will be newcomer and fellow guitarist Khai Yamin. The newest kid on the block, Khai plays with his metalcore band SOS and is currently learning from Rosli. Following the footsteps of his mentor and fellow guitarists Simon Lai and Shern, Khai is planning to release his own instrumental album in the near future.

Of his student, Rosli commented, “Khai has a very strong potential to be a solo guitarist and songwriter, which are the reasons why I called him to play alongside with me for my upcoming performance”.

With such exciting updates of the things to come, come join Rosli this May on 7 May as he kickstarts an exciting month and for the rest of 2009.


Double take on Rescuing Rukia

Fretboard Frenzy members Shern Wong and Simon Lai were at Ngee Ann Poly’s Strum for Charity event on 17 January 2009 and they showcased their original instrumental songs and performed a cover version of Rosli’s “Rescuing Rukia”.

To hear how their version of “Rescuing Rukia” sounds like, check out the YouTube video below.

Photo feast from Fretboard Frenzy 2

Some overdue pictures taken at the second Fretboard Frenzy: Rise of the Stringers 2 on 3 May 2008.

The early birds

More of the early birds

First presenter, Shern Wong and his band

Second presenter, Malik of MALEX

Midday crowd

Third presenter, Addy Rasidi (Photo credit: Edwin Tan)


Fourth presenter, Rosli (Photo credit: Edwin Tan)

Rosli and his sweet double-neck guitar, featuring Rukia (Photo credit: Durrah)

Rosli and his 3 Ms of music composition (Photo credit: Durrah)

Power duo Rosli and Addy playing Rosli’s song, “Pakoo Boomi” (Photo credit: Durrah)

Fretboard Frenzy invited artists (minus a few absentees) (Photo credit: Durrah)

The newest Fretboard Frenzy invited artist, bassist and soloist Wendy Phua (Photo credit: Durrah)

A big applause for those who turned up for Fretboard Frenzy: Rise of the Stringers 2

A big heartfelt thank you to all who turned for the second Fretboard Frenzy: Rise of the Stringers guitar day yesterday. The turn out was fantastic and the place was packed to the brim. You guys have been more than wonderful to give our own and best local guitarists your support. And we hope that the 2 guitars day so far have enriched your knowledge on guitars, music and the guitarists themselves.

Continue to keep your bookmarks to this page as there will be more exciting stuff to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the video of Rosli and Addy rocking to “Pakoo Boomi”.

A glimpse of Rosli’s evil twin…coming this Saturday, 3 May

On the first guitar day, Rosli covered rhythm dynamics and grooving, and debuted his fretless guitar. The upcoming second guitar day will have Rosli covering ‘the sauce’ and the important components of music composition: the three Ms.

If you missed the first guitar day, there will be a brief introduction on what Rosli covered previously. If you are on a journey of music composition, this is one segment you cannot miss. Or if you simply want to catch a glimpse of a very appealing double-neck guitar in action, then mark your calendars and clear any appointments you have.

See you this Saturday 3 May at *scape Youth Centre, 1pm onwards.