Video & Pics From Rosli’s Songcraft Factory

Swee Lee Boutique was filled with the attendees eager to hear what Rosli has to share on songwriting. The audiences listened with rapt attention and absorbed all of Rosli’s songwriting gold nuggets.

Serious as the atmosphere, one can feel the anticipation and driving mood that evening.

Rosli had a blast sharing his experiences and tips with everyone and we hope those who attended the workshop that evening walked away with a deeper and clearer understanding on how to kick start their songwriting dreams or move forward in their songwriting journey.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video complied by Swee Lee and you can view the pictures here:


Rosli Mansor’s Songcraft Factory (Presented by Swee Lee Music Academy)

Rosli’s no stranger to songwriting, having written songs commercially, for theatre, short films, as well as his own instrumental albums over the years.

Condensing his songwriting experience into this 90-minute workshop presented by Swee Lee Music Academy, Rosli will talk about writing songs using the “3M Method”. Some of us may remember of him touching on the 3 “M”s a while back, and this may be something new to you.

This workshop is not to be missed if you are looking to write your own songs/music or just want to have a peek into the mind of the creative machine that is Rosli Mansor.

Date: 25 February 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm
Location: Swee Lee Boutique (142 Bukit Timah Road, S229842)

Purchase your ticket (S$30) by following this link:

Rosli Mansor Performs At The Fender Custom Shop Roadshow

June 24 was such an exciting day!

Not only did Rosli find himself in the presence of several wonderful Fender custom-made guitars, he also had the opportunity to meet the Fender guys who came all the way from USA for the roadshow.

From L to R: Joe Reynoso (Director of Global Sales, FMIC Custom Shop), Rosli, Justin Norvell (VP of Product Development), Paul Waller (Master Builder)

Meeting the guys was one thing, but the crème de la crème was Rosli getting to play on the Jeff Beck signature strat, since Jeff Beck is one of his major influences in music. Rosli also had the honour to play on the Master Design Strat.

Rosli got to play two songs from his Deeper Than Purple album, ‘Last Man Standing’ & ‘Sorry I’m Late’ to a packed theatre at The Substation. And Rosli has this to say about the event.

“I’m very happy and proud to be part of the Fender Custom Shop Roadshow yesterday. It is not just a story about music history but about American history.

Every piece that comes from Fender, from the entry level range all the way to the Masterbuilder models, is a product of the artistry of the human mind and it has redefined the sounds we hear.”

Rosli’s expression said it all…

Rosli had a blast at the event and we hope those of you who went had enjoyed yourselves too! For more images of the event, follow the link here.

RM Is Now A Swee Lee Artiste

Swee Lee Artiste Rosli Mansor

This is such an exciting news that’s way to0 rad not to be shared!

Rosli Mansor is now a Swee Lee Artiste!

Swee Lee is one of Singapore’s prominent, long-established and to-go music stores. The company’s flagship outlet is located at Bras Brasah, 2 contemporary and stylish outlets at Star Vista, Katong, a showroom at Sims Drive and another outlet at Peninsula Shopping Center. Besides an established local presence and a growing regional expansion, Swee Lee also now boasts of a music academy. Rosli is extremely honoured to have the opportunity to work with Swee Lee. To quote Rosli,

“The past has taught me significant lessons about life but it is the journey ahead together with Swee Lee and the Music Academy that I am most excited about and greatly looking forward to. Working with people who share a deep passion about music and who understand the intrinsic importance of it in both life and society truly makes all the difference.”

And there’s no better way to mark this collaboration than Rosli’s special performance at the upcoming Fender Custom Shop Roadshow on 24th June (Tue)!

Fans of Fender and Rosli, mark this date! For more details on the event, click here.

New Song – Track of Tears

…Real soon!

Like now!

Finally we can show you guys not only a video of Rosli’s performance at Mosaic Music Festival 2014, but this is also a video of his new instrumental song (yay!)

Rosli said the title “Track of Tears” alludes to a dark period of his life and the frequent times he spent in his neighbourhood where an old & disused railway track runs through it. 

The title may sound sad or dark but I personally feel Rosli’s “Track of Tears” carries a deeper sense or message of moving on. What do you think of this new song? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Lastly, kudos to the supportive and enthusiastic crowd who clapped in beat throughout the song. Not only you guys rock, you are way awesome!

We hope you enjoy this new song!