Blazing The Trail With Jackson Custom Shop Soloist Guitar

With a solid rock guitar that’s embellished with the striking and detailed graphics of Johnnie Grez, how can one not blaze the trail with it?

Especially so when you play the guitar along to the tunes of “Portrait Of Fading Faces”.

And did Rosli blaze the trail in all instrumental fury as he showcases Jackson Custom Shop Soloist Johnnie Grez Guitar in this latest video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.)

Asking Rosli his impression, he has nothing but praises for the guitar that reminds him so much of the rocking eighties.

“It’s my first time handling a Jackson guitar. And I find the neck to be slick and comfortable to hold, while boosting a stable floyd rose.

The headstock reminds me of the 80’s when rock was all the rage and dive-bombs. There’s no doubt that this is truly a rock guitar.”

He concluded,

“This guitar sings, screams and growls!”

Do you not agree?


Running With “The Beast”


The Beast.

There’s no other apt name for this Collector’s Choice #8 1959 Les Paul that came to life, thanks to a collaboration between Gibson and British guitarist Bernie Marsden.

Rosli was so glued to this guitar that for 2 hours he couldn’t take his hands off it. As Rosli described it,

“The separation of the strings is perfect, making the tone neither muddy nor fuzzy-like. It has a very balanced weight and the beefy neck loves to scream whenever I dig into the frets. I was relishing so much the guitar’s tone but it was plugging into the EVH amp that blew me away to a level higher than cloud nine. One word – JUICY!

“The Beast” truly lives up to its name with its delicious tone & playability.”

For a chance to run with this beast, make an appointment with Swee Lee’s B.A.O. (By Appointment Only) today.

(Song: “My Heart Has Spoken”, from Rosli’s album Deeper Than Purple)

Rosli Mansor Pairs Up With Fender Custom Shop’s Mike Landau 1963 Relic Strat

Oh that sweet tone from a very delightful guitar under the most deft of hands!

Under Rosli’s gentle coaxing and nimble handling, the Fender Custom Shop Michael Landau 1963 Relic Stratocaster sings out its soulful tone in this video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.)

I asked Rosli about his thoughts on the guitar and he said,

“I feel totally connected with the guitar, especially the neck profile. I’ve fallen in love with it.”

For many who have been following Rosli may notice he hardly appears with a Fender guitar. In actual fact Rosli has owned & played Fender guitars over the course of his career, with 3 of them hanging on the walls of his home.

Interested Fender guitar lovers can head down to B.A.O. to experience this sweet strat or join Rosli at the Fender Custom Shop event taking place this coming Tuesday. For more details, go to

Fender Custom Shop Roadshow

New Song – Track of Tears

…Real soon!

Like now!

Finally we can show you guys not only a video of Rosli’s performance at Mosaic Music Festival 2014, but this is also a video of his new instrumental song (yay!)

Rosli said the title “Track of Tears” alludes to a dark period of his life and the frequent times he spent in his neighbourhood where an old & disused railway track runs through it. 

The title may sound sad or dark but I personally feel Rosli’s “Track of Tears” carries a deeper sense or message of moving on. What do you think of this new song? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Lastly, kudos to the supportive and enthusiastic crowd who clapped in beat throughout the song. Not only you guys rock, you are way awesome!

We hope you enjoy this new song!