Celebrating Singapore’s 50th Birthday

It’s the Jubilee Weekend celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence!

For much of 2015, Rosli is very busy up till his neck with his projects, and terraBox also has been busy working alongside with local artists. It has been good and fruitful so far for both.

At the same time, there will be very juicy news coming from Rosli in the future so stay tuned!


And we all have noticed in the months leading up to today, there was much media throwback to what Singapore was and how it has progressed over the years. So we’ve decided to do our own throwback version of Rosli and his music journey so far. When we contacted Rosli about an SG50 tribute-cum-throwback, he said,

“Timeline and 3 ‘P’s.”

When asked to elaborate, Rosli explained simply,

“Timeline – look back at what you did and what you’ve become now. As they say – those who live in the past has no plans for the future. Let it go and move on.”

He continued,

“Patience, lots of it … and be persistent on what you’re doing and of course perseverance. Because if you don’t keep gunning for it, you may not be able to keep your passion and grow.”

We’ll let Rosli’s words settle into our being like tea while we try to soak in the deeper meaning behind his words. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this throwback, a YouTube playlist of over 50 videos (and growing!) that Rosli did over the past year with Swee Lee Music.

You can select the list of video to watch by clicking on a list-like icon on the top left corner, but if you can, watch all! Thanks everyone for supporting Rosli and terraBox all this time. We appreciate it very much.

Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore and may everyone enjoy the festivities today!


Rosli With The $40K Fender Custom Shop Tree Siren Stratocaster Closet Class

This one-and-only, hand-crafted and exquisitely designed, $40K Fender Custom Shop guitar found its way to the shores of Singapore through Swee Lee Music early this year after making its stunning debut at NAMM 2015.

Built as a result of a collaboration between Fender Master Builder Dale Wilson and Canadian artist Mandy Tsung, Rosli has had the sweetest opportunity to lay his hands on this masterpiece. The Japanese Tomo Ash was carefully selected by Wilson for use as the guitar body and a birdseye maple for the 50’s neck.

Rosli was blown away by this combination, together being paired the Power’Tron pickups. He said,

“It has a nice, full (and definitely meaty) tone.”

“I can understand why Wilson himself found it hard to let it go because I felt the same when I had to put this baby back into its case. Nonetheless, a huge thank you to Swee Lee Music for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime session with this very exquisite work of art.”

Video & Pics From Rosli’s Songcraft Factory

Swee Lee Boutique was filled with the attendees eager to hear what Rosli has to share on songwriting. The audiences listened with rapt attention and absorbed all of Rosli’s songwriting gold nuggets.

Serious as the atmosphere, one can feel the anticipation and driving mood that evening.

Rosli had a blast sharing his experiences and tips with everyone and we hope those who attended the workshop that evening walked away with a deeper and clearer understanding on how to kick start their songwriting dreams or move forward in their songwriting journey.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video complied by Swee Lee and you can view the pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152742657257759&type=1

Farewell September

It’s hard to pen in words which only the heart can feel so acutely.

The past few days have been one of the most difficult in my life.
My dear friend Keyjohan Ismail passed on after his hard-fought battle with cancer.

Diagnosed with nose cancer a few years back, he fought hard to stop the disease in its tracks.

His passing is hard for many of us to take.
To his band mates and friends, they’ve lost a timekeeper, Mr. Groove or Pocket Man and a friend.
To his family, they’ve lost a son and a brother.
To his wife Suzy and his 3 young sons, she has lost her soulmate and they have lost a wonderful father.

For me, I’ve lost a long-standing friend of 25 years, a brother, producer, and most importantly, an immaculate musician. Jo’s the perfect musician that I am so blessed to have worked with.

Jo is one of my closest and unwavering supporter and friend. I felt confident whenever Jo performed with me, simply because he always had my back.

He was a dedicated and talented drummer who had the grooviest knack. While working on my album Deeper Than Purple where Jo was the producer, he dedicated his attention and time whole-heartedly and professionally throughout the countless late nights we spent in the recording studio. And this was despite having to juggle his huge role as the sole breadwinner to his young family (his wife was pregnant with their third child then) and his full-time job as a drummer with his band Energy.

Even when he was sick, he never stopped to think about music. I visited and texted Jo often, our conversations often about his recovery and him looking forward to work on my 3rd album. A few times he said if we have enough funds, he will ask Steve Gadd to do one of the songs. But after that we’ll laugh it off knowing it’s only a wistful thought.

I missed the times we spent chatting and laughing over teh tarik, Jo.

Here I want to share a conversation I had with Jo the night before he passed away.

I was by his bedside together with 3 other friends and his wife. He was so weak then it was difficult watching over him. Yet he mustered enough strength to whisper to me, about a CD he had played on and had asked me to listen a month ago. I leaned in really close, putting my ears to his lips. No one knew or could hear our conversation.

“I miss you, sidekick.”

“I miss you too and I’m here.”

“My chest is heavy and it’s hard to breathe.”

(I rubbed his chest but stayed silent)

“How was my drumming in the CD?”

“It was perfect.”

Sounding slightly frustrated, he replied, “I haven’t got the chance to listen to it.”

“But you played on it. That’s the beauty.”

Then he closed his eyes.

I struggled not to cry. I don’t know what went on in his mind at that point in time, but what I saw was that even on his death bed, he was still so concerned about how well he had done his work.

Jo’s not a perfectionist, he’s a perfect musician.

I lost both parents to cancer, and now Jo.
Cancer is a debilitating disease, so let us pray for those who are going through it and also for those who have lost their loved ones to cancer. If possible, please support the various cancer societies and foundations we have in Singapore.

To our fans and friends, we can never fully express our thanks and gratitude towards your support of our musical journey all these years.
And especially to Jo for being so amazing and a wonderful blessing in our lives.

In return, we want to help Jo’s wife Suzy and their 3 young sons get through this difficult time in whatever ways we can.
If you like to help them via monetary donation or other means, here are the details:-

Suzyana Bte Sulaiman
E-mail: zykey_06@yahoo.com.sg
Bank Account: (OCBC) 528-8-045130

Farewell and thank you, Jo.
Till all of us see each other again hereafter.

– RM

Rosli Mansor Performs At The Fender Custom Shop Roadshow

June 24 was such an exciting day!

Not only did Rosli find himself in the presence of several wonderful Fender custom-made guitars, he also had the opportunity to meet the Fender guys who came all the way from USA for the roadshow.

From L to R: Joe Reynoso (Director of Global Sales, FMIC Custom Shop), Rosli, Justin Norvell (VP of Product Development), Paul Waller (Master Builder)

Meeting the guys was one thing, but the crème de la crème was Rosli getting to play on the Jeff Beck signature strat, since Jeff Beck is one of his major influences in music. Rosli also had the honour to play on the Master Design Strat.

Rosli got to play two songs from his Deeper Than Purple album, ‘Last Man Standing’ & ‘Sorry I’m Late’ to a packed theatre at The Substation. And Rosli has this to say about the event.

“I’m very happy and proud to be part of the Fender Custom Shop Roadshow yesterday. It is not just a story about music history but about American history.

Every piece that comes from Fender, from the entry level range all the way to the Masterbuilder models, is a product of the artistry of the human mind and it has redefined the sounds we hear.”

Rosli’s expression said it all…

Rosli had a blast at the event and we hope those of you who went had enjoyed yourselves too! For more images of the event, follow the link here.